Mar 15th Upstream Network Maintenance

Maintenance Location: Tukwila Data CenterMaintenance State Time: 2020-March-16 10:00 UTC (2020-March-16 02:00 AM PST)Maintenance End Time: 2020-March-16 15:00 UTC (2020-March-16 07:00 AM PST)Maintenance Window Length: 5 hoursMaintenance Expected Severity: LowMaintenance Impact: Potential increased latency and packet loss due to BGP route ... Read More »

Jan 8th Late fee and Affiliate commission

We are updating our due bill late fee and affiliate commission percentage. This change effective from January 2020.
1. Late fee: will be adding 15% with the total due bill.
2. Affiliate commission: The marketer will get 5% of the total invoice.